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Advanced marketing & Visualization Services

Digital Image provides creative solutions for marketing with limitless versatility. Showcase your products with all their features and options utilizing our digital visualization services. Interactive marketing tools allow potential buyers to easily learn about and purchase your products.

Making Something Real from Nothing
for over 30 years!

We Deliver Powerful Tools

that build Awareness, Marketing, and Sales Success

At Digital Image, we build the best visual marketing tools that seamlessly work across multiple media platforms. Our virtual, digital products, provide significant benefits over physical prototypes. We keep your marketing materials way ahead, and up-to-date as fast as your products change. From creative, video, animation, social, print and web, your content can be repurposed in a variety of ways, showcasing every marketing characteristic, option, and detail.


Virtual Products & Animation

Sell Smarter, Sell Better!

Call it 3D, Animation, Modeling, Visual Effects, or Virtual Prototype. When it comes to marketing better, whatever the name, at Digital Image, we are your master guides in this space. We offer effective solutions to the most challenging creative needs.

We elevate your brand story. We also enable your ability to showcase your products in very descriptive and engaging new ways!


3D | VR | AR

Put your product in the hands of your consumer

Communicate better with real-time 3D visuals. Our 3D visual effects capabilities are truly exceptional. Customers rely on our experience in solving their toughest marketing challenges. We service each unique success story, delivering high value on a daily basis.

Accelerate your Business Outcomes!

Save Time

DON’T WAIT! Photography and Physical prototypes
Cost Too Much
and Take Too Long!

Get your products in front of your customers before they are ready! We will create a realistic virtual version of your products from sketches, computer data, or even verbal descriptions. We can build or 3D hand model any complex organic or geometric form your project requires, complete with hyper-realistic textures and lighting. Our experts use custom techniques to handcraft virtual representations of your products with the highest level of detail and accuracy.


Photo Reference





Napkin Sketches

Napkin Sketch

 SAY NO to photography, locations, large shooting budgets, travel, and extensive training.  

We’ll Bring Your Product or Idea to Life!
Save Money

Save Money

We Create and leverage Your Assets

We provide unique content to help our clients leverage incredible savings. By repurposing their assets as updates or running changes are made, significant gains in time and cost savings are realized. We will also help eliminate rework of new marketing materials to flexibly meet all of your creative needs.

Utilize your assets on multiple platforms!

PrintWebPresentationMuch More

Engage & Educate

Build More Trust, Gain More Business.

Our realistic computer generated (CG) animations give consumers a visual experience that informs and inspires!

We allow every detail and contour of your product to be seen. Our 3D representation is photo-accurate and allows for various design aesthetics and features to be seen up close.

Engage Educate

Show Every Option

Gain a Sales Advantage!

Show off your product lines like never before. We remove barriers and free up your budget allowing you to connect, customize, and accessorize every trim, option, and product configuration available. We provide better sales tools that enable you to tailor your brand to your specific buyer. This is one of many examples, how Digital Image empowers its customers to take on their biggest creative challenges, and capture substantial new marketing opportunities.

Model Refresh? No Problem!

Our years of experience has allowed us to create a workflow that moves at the pace of your business!

Problems We Solve

For over 30 years we’ve pioneered technology to revolutionize the advertising industry. Mastery of the most advanced creative tools enables our diverse teams to truly uplift our clients’ vision. This tremendous strength provides significant marketing leverage for our customers.

Some typical Solutions we provide

Why Choose Us?

With over 30 years of experience,

Digital Image understands advertising, creative execution, and more importantly, knows how to create your breakthrough brand story. We bring the perfect blend of professional skill sets using video, graphics, animation, and sound design for our customers.

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