2015 Annual AUSA Meeting

October 23, 2015

This October, Digital Image Studios was proud to be able to attend AUSA’s (Association of the United States Army) 3-day Annual Meeting and Exposition in Washington DC. The meeting focused on pressing current military topics and showcased professional development workshops. It also holds one of the largest land warfare expositions in the world. The meeting brought together thousands of individuals from all over to discuss key defense industry challenges and how they plan to overcome these hurdles.

With our advanced marketing and visualization services, it’s obvious there is an increasing amount of business opportunities developing in the defense industry for services like ours. Here at Digital Image Studios, our digital expertise helps companies surpass competitors with promotional tools and strategies that connect consumers to products and services using CGI and 3D animation. These digital marketing tools allow you to virtually explore a product and its capabilities with full functionality before the product even exists. The AUSA meeting focused heavily on the future of combat vehicles and stressed the importance of immediate response to industry demands and product changes, now more than ever. Our digital marketing services, aid in delivering precise execution of important military products and help advance innovative technologies being implemented in the defense industry today.